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The film friendly town of New Milford, Connecticut is perfect for your production, both in front of and behind the camera.  You'll be certain to have an easy time throughout all phases of your production and by utilizing local resources, it'll be that much easier to come in at or even under budget!

Behind the Scenes:
"Candlewood" (2024)

Filmed entirely in in New Milford in October 2022, this indie-horror film took advantage of the town's outdoor beauty as well as several interior locations.

Shooting locations included:

  • Lynn Demming park (beach and lake scenes)

  • Lover's Leap State Park (forest and river scenes)

  • The Elliot Pratt Center (forest scenes)

  • Northville Market (grocery store scene)

  • Several Private Residences

Filmed on location in New Milford
Behind the Scenes:
"My Soul To Take" (2010)
directed by Wes Craven

Filmed partially in New Milford, and entirely in our area of Connecticut, check out some rarely seen behind-the-scenes footage, courtesy of

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